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The Jimmy Z Show ~ Reality Check Commentary: “Time To Cut Up The Credit Cards!”

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Banks, Capitalism, Communications, Constitution, Economy, Finance, Freedom, Jimmy Z, Media, Politics, Rants, Tyranny
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The Jimmy Z Show: Michael Stollaire’s “Reality Check Commentary”



Federal Debt Limit Stupidity ~ by Douglas Stevenson

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Capitalism, Communications, Constitution, Economy, Finance, Oppression, Politics, Rants, Tyranny
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Federal Debt Limit Stupidity ~ by Douglas Stevenson

I’m having a problem understanding the Federal Government. I just don’t get it. See, in my own house, I have X amount coming in. When that is not enough, I need to find ways to cut spending. Working another job may be an option for a while but it is not sustainable over the long term.  It is imperative to live within your means and plan for your future.


Do I apply for a bunch of credit cards, take out a second mortgage and borrow against my assets just so I can live beyond my means? What happens when I cannot make payments on the credit any more?


If you get into a bunch of credit debt, you need to be working your butt off to get it paid off. It is like giving your hard earned money away. This REQUIRES that you live within YOUR means. Not the MEANS of others.


I know some folks have this mentality that they will spend until they can no longer pay off their debt, then file for bankrputcy. We should have regulations in place to stop ID 10 Ts like this so that their foolishness doesn’t cost the more common sense folks money. Like if you steal, other customers have to be burdened with the costs associated with what you took. And in some cases, employees are tasked with making up the difference. Walk out on a bill in a restaurant… See who gets to pay.  Isn’t that friggin selfish? They deserve to pay for you when you decide you don’t want to work for something you want. Whats up with that?


I filed for bankruptcy once.  I would have never went down that road had I had no choice. But I also learned from it. Won’t go back there again. EVER.


Lets say you make $2K a month take home. What if $800 had to go out to pay the MINIMUMs on your Credit Cards?  And you want MORE Credit?  And what if it costs $3k to operate? What ever happened to a bit of responsibility here? This is what the Federal Govenrment checking account looks like to me!


Now you could go out and work 2 full time jobs but sooner or later, you will suffer.  Health, crispness of mind, attention span, all go when you over tax your body. Sometimes, you can get a great sleep in a hospital bed! Bujt its an expensive and avoidable option in cases like this.


Am I crazy or am I the only person that gets this? Does this not seem like common sense to you? I cannot fathom how many highly educated folks we vote into office and they do not understand the basics of home bufgeting and household finance.  It is a testament to the level of intelligence coming out of our colleges these days!


Folks in business that are smart, invest wisely with new products and services they go to market with.  They understand what its going to take and how far off the ROI return is.  The folks in DC… We need to send them Clue donors to get them thinking a little more logically!!!


I tell you, whoever runs for President and commits to Dave Ramsey taking over the budget, has my vote and my support! Lock, stock, and Barrel!






Liberty-First, Foremost and Forever

Posted: July 13, 2011 in Oppression, Rants, Tyranny
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Liberty is the basis of living. Without freedom, without the opportunity to make one’s own decisions and choices, a person becomes a ward…a supplicant…chattel for someone or something. The individual who does not inhale the fresh air of freedom may be bound to the fecklessness of the state…never knowing  which rule, law or regulation he or she may be violating at any given moment. The individual whose freedom has been taken by another person is a slave, and the person who submits his freedom to another person or a state is a fool. Throughout human history individuals have battled for freedom from the chains of oppression while others have willingly yielded to the fetters of others. Those who have struggled for freedom have nourished the spark of humanity within their souls while the others who have chosen to forfeit their liberty have assumed the posture of domesticated beasts of burden.


When someone surrenders her liberty, she is, in essence, admitting that she’s either incapable of or too lazy to manage her own affairs. Choosing dependence and supplication as a lifestyle destroys the humanity of the dependent. Initiative and creativity become blunted, and the dependent individual becomes a constant grumbler about the quantity and quality of the care provided by the controller/director/master. The motto for the purposeful supplicant could be: Bitch, moan and whine while taking the freebies provided by others. Intentional dependency leads to a death by a thousand cuts as one’s self-worth, self-esteem and confidence are slowly eroded away. Even with the strongest mindset of entitlement comes the uncertainty that the provider may tire of the arrangement…leaving the hapless, thoughtless dependent to forage for survival.


Learning is a byproduct of one’s pursuing something new. The goal may be firmly fixed in the mind of the seeker, but the nuggets of knowledge acquired during the quest are usually unanticipated. Liberty opens the portals of exploration and innovation whereas dependence deadens curiosity and ambition. Free people are learners. Dependent drones are not. Learning is the only mechanism for a society or culture to advance. No one can invent or create if one is unaware of what has already been accomplished or attempted. Dependents are condemned to the status quo because of their failure to learn…to broaden their horizons. Achieving and reaching goals is impossible when one is immobile.


The people of our nation seem to have lost their respect for liberty. We can see that attitude reflected in the abysmal performance of our students on so many levels. Quality service has become a rarity in many of our commercial encounters. Rudeness and crudity are abundant in the marketplace and on our public streets. True liberty requires that one be accountable and responsible for one’s actions, and does not intentionally interfere with the actions, lives or property of others. In other words liberty contains a rich component of respect for others without being obsequious. A person who respects liberty will perform at her highest level possible because of the commitment to responsible behavior. Observers sometimes confuse those who have no responsibility as enjoying freedom, but in fact they are dependent on others—individuals or institutions—for their guidance and direction. Their “free and easy lives” are illusionary and self destructive.


Liberty, personal freedom, must be the primary motivator if a society is to prosper. A dependent social structure cannot succeed because the producers withdraw from meaningful activity, and dependents do not produce in a significant way. When producers have been turned loose to perform at their highest level, the entire community reaps the benefits. Freedom is the critical component for a growing society whether it be in economics, the arts or any other aspect for measuring the progress of a nation.


Liberty is the most essential element for building a positively dynamic country. Liberty is the most critical attribute for maintaining a society committed to growth. Liberty is absolutely vital if a nation is to survive. Thousands of despotic or tyrannical regimes have disintegrated on the ash heap of history. Many dozens of existing nations are suffocating under repressive governments and have lost their zest for excellence. Liberty offers the only means for energetic and creative citizens to flourish, and as they prosper, the nation benefits. Dependence leads to decay and despair….and tyranny.


Liberty, individual liberty, must be the first value of a nation. Liberty must be the preeminent protected value of a people. Liberty for all, for all time should be the dream of a free people…first, foremost and forever.


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Raising The Debt Limit ~ Time to Cut the Cards Up!

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Banks, Capitalism, Communications, Constitution, Dianne Feinstein, Economy, Finance, Freedom, Oppression, Politics, Quotations, Rants, Tyranny
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Raising The Debt Limit ~ Time to Cut the Cards Up!

by Michael Alan Stollaire

I’ve viewed a great many charts, graphs and projections on this issue, along with soliloquies from politicians that Shakespeare would be envious of, plus a healthy dose of finger-pointing, but let’s break it down to a minimal level: Washington DC cannot be trusted with the money of The American Taxpayer, and it is time for We The People to cut their credit cards up!

If the deal that is brewing behind mahogany doors in DC does not include trillions of dollars of cuts, a steadfast stance on slashing tax rates across the board, and the dismantling of entire departments, such as The Department of Education, The Department of Energy, The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), etc. we are headed towards a wholesale default. This means that the phrase on our Treasury Bills (a.k.a., America’s sovereign debt) that reads “backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government” is going to turn into a strong sell indication on Wall Street.

Here is a brief timeline on what could potentially transpire:

  1. The Democrats and Republicans continue to play the “us versus them” game, doing what is best for their political parties, themselves, and the special interests that support them instead of doing their job, which is to do what is best for their constituency ~ We The People.
  2. Both parties continue to say that they are willing to work with the other side of the aisle with public speeches indicating this, which will be worthy of consideration for The Academy Award, but will be just acting, as they have absolutely no intention to do so.
  3. Several bi-partisan solutions will be fronted, and none of them will be found acceptable by the other side. There will be talk of compromise, but zero action to lead to any compromise. Instead, the typical tactics will be used by the liberals, indicating that the fiscally sane ideas of conservatives will benefit “the fat cats” and lead to a middle-class Armageddon, a severe, current financial impact to Senior Citizens so they cannot afford food/prescription drugs, etc. and I would not be surprised if the Obama administration accuses Boehner of stealing candy from babies.
  4. Time runs out and August 2nd hits ~ America officially defaults on its national debt.
  5. Standard and Poors (S&P) and Moody’s have their long-awaited “I Told You So” moment, and they deeply downgrade America’s debt rating from AAA to junk bonds.
  6. Nanny State checks associated with unemployment, welfare, Social Security, etc. stop being issued.
  7. The US Government goes into a partial shutdown, with only a skeleton crew left to hold the fort ~ thousands of state and federal workers get laid off, and/or lose their positions permanently.
  8. “Contagion” officially spreads from The Eurozone to America, and all individuals and nations holding American debt will be brought into a recession/depression whirlpool.
  9. A huge increase in the Treasury Bill yield will have to be put into place, in order to attract trading.
  10. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and NASDAQ tank, making 2008 look like a minor correction.
  11. China and Russia’s assertion that the US Dollar (USD) should no longer be the world’s reserve currency starts to look like a matter of fact.
  12. Since oil is purchased in US Dollars, the move to use The World Bank’s basket of currencies and precious metals known as Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) would supplant this trading mechanism, and America would be forced to convert dollars into SDRs to purchase oil, resulting in a severe uptick in the price of oil.
  13. The price of gas at the pump would increase 25-50% virtually overnight ~ $10/gallon gas is not unthinkable.
  14. In response to energy prices “necessarily skyrocketing,” utility bills go through the roof, and hyperinflation kicks in ~ trucking companies, transportation, food prices, etc. all are increased 10-25% almost instantly.
  15. The engine of the American economy seizes, and corporate America, small business owners and entrepreneurs go into total protection mode, shedding American jobs and all unnecessary expenditures to survive ~ that is IF they don’t go bankrupt and shutter the windows. Main Streets across the nation turn into ghost towns.
  16. Mortgage defaults and foreclosures level the housing industry.
  17. A mass exodus of American corporations is initiated ~ corporate HQs are moved overseas.
  18. A new trend to downsize and outsource most if not all positions rears its ugly head.
  19. Unemployment balloons to over 15-20%.
  20. 25% of all Americans are now on food stamps.

What a second! I just described a double-dip Great Recession, or even Great Depression II ~ exactly what The Obama Administration promised would never occur. It sounds like Obama’s promise that the unemployment rate would never go above 8% if we spent $1 Trillion on bailing out the financial sector, and all of corporate America that was destined “too big to fail.” As soon as The Federal Government of America has the capability to pick winners and losers in the tactical economic landscape, we have a statist scenario and you can kiss the free market system goodbye.

If you want to know who the traitors in American government are, just look at the list of people that voted to raise the debt ceiling. Unless there are trillions of dollars of spending cuts associated with this strategic move ~ including the entitlement programs… ~ we are at the end of the road to a debt crisis of massive proportions, which might result in the world moving off of the US Dollar as the reserve currency, and the eventual destruction of the very sovereignty of The United States of America.

After spending $4 trillion on TARP, several various so-called “stimulus” plans that only stimulated more debt, and doing an end-around on Congress with “Quantitative Easing” Parts I and II ~ like we needed a sequel?! ~ to force unconstitutional taxation without representation upon The American People, I think we should start calling Barack Obama, The Spender In Chief.


God bless you, your family and friends, and God Bless America!

Let’s get to work!

God Bless America and As Always…

Stay Strong,

~ Michael Stollaire

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Paying for Parties

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Oppression, Rants, Tyranny
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Quick! How many of you are aware that the two old parties’ quadrennial conventions are subsidized by taxpayers? For you more conservative followers of the GOP are you now all-a-tingle knowing that your (borrowed) taxes were used, in part, for John McCain’s grand RINO march across the stage in St. Paul while fiscally responsible and possibly lamenting Democrats all pooled tax dollars for Barrack Obama’s triumphant grand eloquence before the pillars in Denver? How do you feel now…knowing you helped pay for both huge events? How can it be in a country that is so broke and nearly bankrupt, we subsidize the two political parties who have controlled the electoral and governing apparatus for 150 years? This travesty is compounded by the fact that one third of the voters identify themselves as Republicans, one third as Democrats and the final third is split between minor parties and independents. So, why subsidize a grand march and booze-ridden blowout for a party or any entity that represents a mere third of the voters? Also, the presidential nominees for both parties have usually been chosen via the primary and caucus process prior to the convention’s opening. The gripping national interest in the convention outcome is nonexistent….so, again, why should the taxpayers pay?


As a Libertarian, I am double-minded about this fiasco. If Big Brother is going to throw worthless cash around to benefit the national political system, some of those dollars should flow into the convention coffers of those of us who actually believe in the Constitution. But…my Libertarian principles prevent me from crying “for my fair share” because I truly desire Constitutional government, equity in government services and fiscal responsibility. This isn’t just about my political preferences, however, because so many voters self-categorize themselves as “independent.”  Independents have no convention, no nominating process and no structure for snookering the American people. Why can’t they have a huge party with the funny hats, rivers of lobbyist-provided booze and legions of hospitality suites… all provided by the taxpayers hard-earned money? You may not share my alarm and disgust that the two-party oligarchy dips into the public trough for their every four-year party parties, but the practice is not small “d” democrat nor small “r” republican. One party despotic states use the government’s resources to maintain power and crush opposition. The difference here in the United States is merely one of tone…not of practice. The two old parties and their buddy-buddy system have corrupted our government to the point that they believe they are entitled to do the Watsui, drink the Dom Perignon, and munch on broiled salmon at your expense.


Each of the fossilized controlling parties received $18 million dollars for their 4-day bashes. In the grand scheme of government waste 18 million is but mist in a bucket, but the principle of forcing United States taxpayers to underwrite a partisan convention, smacks of Soviet-style rule wherein one could not participate in the electoral process unless one belonged to “THE” party. In our case all taxpayers are required under penalty of law to shell out the fruit of their labor for ideologies, personalities and policies with which they may diametrically disagree. This is a free country, right?


This practice might not be so egregious if some semblance of equity were involved for those voters who object to the ruling duopoly. Just the opposite is true in many cases. For example the two old party career politicians have erected barriers and hurdles that make it nearly impossible for other representative parties to have ballot access. They claim these parties do not have much support ergo they haven’t earned a reasonable standard for ballot qualification. Clearly, our exalted careerist rulers are masters of circular reasoning: Minor parties cannot gain traction without appearing on the ballot, and they must have traction to meet the excessively restrictive criteria established by the duopolistic goons. The 156 years that the two ruling elites have held absolute power is not enough time. They need more time…just like Obama says does. The century and a half of deal-making, compromising and collusion have given us an ungovernable monstrosity in the halls of power.


If defunding sweetheart deals for the two tyrannical parties and allowing dissenters access to the process has an impact, what would it be? For one, some small savings would be achieved, and second, perhaps the career ruling elites may be forced to be more accountable because of their third-party challengers. Historically republicans run to the right in primaries then backtrack to the “mushy middle” for the general election. Democrats do the opposite, but the compromisers meet in the middle without very little distinction between them. Third-party candidates from the left and the right would encourage the two old party careerists to be more honest about their positions for fear of losing votes to a minor party. It’s time for the oligarchic duopoly to remove the pacifiers from their mouths, the tax-funded benefits from their party coffers, and the deal-making abuse of the people and our liberty. We have anti-trust laws, but they have exempted themselves. It’s standard operating procedure….sadly.


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Mental Muscle ~ Moral Courage

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Americana, Capitalism, Communications, Constitution, Finance, Freedom, Media, Rants, Tyranny
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In times of national, familial or personal stress we often allow our “feelings” or reactions to get the better of us and the situation. We may lash out, withdraw or wallow in our victimhood. Each of these spontaneous responses is generated by our feelings…our emotions. When we encounter some aspect of government that directly affects us….for good or for ill, it is critical that we face the program or the activity with as much mental clarity as we can muster. We must be in our best conditioning for reasoning. We must exercise our mental muscles.


Let’s examine one of the most painful and obvious examples of unconstitutional governmental abuse. This program is clearly unconstitutional and given the way that it has been administered by government through the decades is also immoral. Yet, most people…even the hardest core fiscal conservatives do not want anyone to tamper with the program or to speak of ending it. The infamous “third rail” of politics is Social Security…the grandiose ponzi scheme that robs future generations of their legacy of liberty. I personally have heard self-proclaimed constitutional conservatives vehemently criticize fiscal hawks for “messing’ with their Social Security. They claim that because they have contributed for nearly all of their working lives, they are “entitled” to the benefits. They have earned them. Their sentiments may be true and justified, but we have no funded trust for retirees, and the nation is broke…busted…upside down. When the system began, nearly a dozen full-time workers were needed to fund one retiree’s benefits. Now three workers provide the necessary cash flow, and soon only two workers will be shouldering the load for their elders. The reasons for this change are several, but the dominate ones are increasing and more broadly distributed benefits, and the massive infusion of “Baby Boomers” into the system concurrent with several decades of smaller family growth.


So, Friends, who claim to be fiscal conservatives, it is time to pony up. You cannot in good conscience or with any moral basis whatsoever expect the nation to return to fiscal sanity if you are not willing to forgo your “entitlements.” Get over it. The programs that you cherish so dearly have not been funded for years. You bought the sizzle without the steak, and now you expect future generations to provide the steak with no sizzle for them. The people who follow you did not lie and over-promise. Why does your greed or self-interest become more important than the future generations’ survival? Before you begin gnashing your teeth, pulling your hair or slitting your wrists, think about the net result of eliminating the entitlement system.


Each company and every worker would have an additional 7.5% (rounded off for illustration purposes) net income available for assisting family members in need. The additional cash-in-pocket amount would accelerate the economy, thus providing even more activity and availability for assisting or charitable giving. You might say,”But they won’t help me.” Perhaps, but your odds of collecting real money from the government are shrinking every day, every hour. In addition to the instant economic boost achieved by eliminating certain entitlements, we would also gain the added benefit of losing a volatile wedge issue for the big spending politicians. The demagoguery on this issue alone has contributed mightily to our economic death spiral. Do the math with an objective mind. You may take a hit, but it won’t be as great as if you continue to insist on “everything that you have coming to you.” One other economic benefit is that if we eliminate all those fiat government dollars chasing food supplies, we should experience some leveling of the food inflationary trend.


Emotional responses are powerful, and the survival instinct is too. This debate that is going on today revolves around the nature and purpose of government…its role in our lives. My Libertarian preferences are clear. I want the federal government to fit in a shoebox and be strictly limited to its Article 1, Section 8 enumerated powers or duties. Many of you readers are not libertarian but do proclaim yourselves to be constitutional conservatives except for…..Social security, Medicare, farm subsidies, corporate incentives, home mortgage tax breaks… any number of government programs or benefits that help YOU. As much as I care for you, your bennies are bad just like welfare, foreign aid, unnecessary wars, bailouts, sweetheart deals, and all other over reaching aspects of government goodies….and control. Many of us have become like crack addicts in the drug dens of benign government, and … we’re dying because of our unwillingness to kick our habits. As libertarians, conservatives, tea party members and patriots you (we) must be committed to going “cold turkey” from government’s largesse. It’s a big step, but it does not match pledging “our lives, our fortunes or our sacred honor.”


If we are truly serious about restoring limited constitutional government, the task must begin at home.


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U of A versus EPA

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Americana, Capitalism, Communications, Constitution, Economy, Finance, Freedom, Immigration, Media, Oppression, Politics, Rants, Taxes, Tyranny
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In these perilous times for our nation and several of our states and communities, it seems as if new fissure points are deepening in our civil structure. For several decades union membership in the private sector has been declining as our heavy manufacturing industries have relocated to right-to-work states, moved offshore or upgraded to highly automated facilities. The labor unions, thirsting for the constant inflow of dues money, have shifted their focus toward retail establishments, service jobs and public sector employees to maintain their accustomed level of financial and political viability. Overall union membership continues to decline as a percentage of the population, but the militant unionization of the public sector has dramatically altered the dynamics of labor-management relations. Public sector employees negotiate their contracts with unelected supervisors and elected officials who can claim to be neutral even though many of them receive campaign contributions and union-based volunteers at election time.

Because of the dwindling private sector union base, the public sector organization efforts have become more robust and intense. This development, I believe, will become a self-defeating movement for public sector labor and for taxpayer-supported government. By unionizing public sector employees at a dizzying rate, unions have placed the civil service rules of the past century on steroids regarding the government’s ability to remove ineffective or corrupt workers. Many union contracts have constructed various hurdles and barriers to protect the unworthy employee, thereby requiring that others be hired to do the work that doesn’t get completed.

In addition, by funneling millions of dollars of campaign contributions and thousands of campaign “volunteers” into the election efforts of liberals and progressives (primarily), the unions are contributors toward the massive growth of government that so many of them are lusting for. Growing governments yield exploding bureaucracies that exceed the abilities of the political class or the people to control them. The union, nevertheless, is somewhat satiated because of their increasing rolls in the public sector even though their numbers for growth appear to lag behind the private sector losses. So, how many “good-paying middle class jobs” has an overzealous Environmental Protection Agency cost our nation, our local communities….and the unions who organized the laborers? How many union jobs have nit-picking bureaucracies from the entire spectrum of government, controlling departments lost because of their senseless oversight policies? While union leaders and their fundraisers scamper to expand their reach in the public sector, they continue to place private sector jobs at risk. Union members should ask their elitist, socialist-leaning organizers why they insist on killing or maiming hefty private sector jobs so they can squeeze more money for their political cronies.

Private sector workers must realize that their “leaders” are not looking out for them or their welfare. They are merely exchanging public and service dues-paying members for the losers who built their organizations. Every time some big-government rule from the bureaucracy impedes a private sector employer from growing or functioning well, a laid-off or ‘pink-slipped” union employee may be the ultimate recipient of the Big Brother overreach. Big government increases the tax burden for private sector union workers and places their jobs in jeopardy by over-regulating, over-licensing and bureaucratic foot dragging. Big Government’s inherent hostility toward the private sector has undermined its capacity for growth and prosperity…thus diminishing good job opportunities for the workforce.

It should be noted that a labor union wields the most power when it represents skilled workers in a labor-shortage environment. The union leadership’s efforts to organize service and retail workers will fill their financial coffers, but will not result in significant gains for the members. Maids, clerks and wait staff can be hired off the street after a couple of day’s work stoppage. It is more difficult to hire machinists and mechanics because so few people possess the requisite skill set. It seems, therefore, the modern movement to bolster union membership in the public sector could be the saving grace for a dwindling private sector group. The unions may be signing their own death knell with their new emphasis. Private sector workers may finally get a clue, and ignore or dismiss the leaders who have undermined them by promoting big government and massive bureaucracies. The public, the taxpayers, the people may withdraw or resist the expansionist efforts of the unions and big-government advocates.  The basket of tolerance can hold only so many eggs of higher taxes, government indebtedness and bureaucratic meddling before the eggs begin to break. The people’s discontent may rise to the point that the entire public sector will be either radically restructured or become so powerful that there will be no one remaining to pay the freight. Either way, the Marxist-leaning unionist’s strategy may backfire….as it should.

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