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Left Versus Right: Statistical Distributions Applied to Geopolitics

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Left Versus Right: Statistical Distributions Applied to Geopolitics

by Michael Stollaire

You hear time and time again that we are a center-right country, correct? So, I automagically remember my college statistics classes and the infamous “normal bell curve,” because we come to the conclusion that the average person in America has center-right geopolitical thinking.

However, I think we are approaching a different sample distribution, with a peak on the left and on the right, which is a mini version of what went on during The Civil War, and the civil rights riots in the 1960s, which paints a totally different picture of the average citizen’s political thinking, does it not? Doing the same Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), we have the same geopolitical/ideological average, indicating that America is center-right on the political spectrum; however, we see that America itself is transforming into a nation divided.

Normal Distribution and Probability Distributions ~ Defined:

We’ve got some cognitive dissonance going on in everyone’s head, because the Liberal Socialists and the Constitutional Conservatives have radically different definitions of “right” and “wrong” and “abnormal” and “normal.” Therefore, all of us are disturbed, wondering why we’re upset at what’s going on in the country. All of “us” are saying to ourselves, that something is obviously wrong with “them.” This is a perverse form of brainwashing that has transpired since circa 1900, via the mass media, alternative media, new media, etc. Indeed, we might view the vast majority of the content on television, the radio, corporate controlled internet websites and so forth as an extrapolation of Joseph Goebbels and his “Big Lie” propaganda technique. The reality is that most Americans believe what is in the news, simply because it is in the news. This is my cue to quote The Gipper.

“Trust but VERIFY!” ~ Ronald Reagan

Cognitive Dissonance ~ Defined:

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

If we allow this trend to continue, we will see the economic and geopolitical issues present in Greece and parts of The Middle East to invade our own shores. If you think this cannot happen in America, you have taken your liberty and freedom for granted, as it certainly can and will. There is no reason to panic, but there are plenty of reasons to stand together and fight for what you feel is correct. The Great American Experiment is about allowing men and women to govern themselves, whereas the statist progressives would have you believe that you are all little children that need to be taken care of, via regulation of every aspect of your lives. San Francisco’s removal of McDonalds Happy Meal toys is an example: Should America allow people like Nancy Pelosi to decide what food you eat? I think the answer is a definitive NO, as if we allow them to regulate our food intake, they will take even more steps towards a Nanny State paradigm. What’s next? Letting them tell you what clothes you will wear, and so forth?

Draw the line in the sand, and take your country back, before it is taken from you. If your freedom and liberty is lost, it will be lost forever. We The People… UNITED WE STAND!

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” ~ Ronald Reagan

God bless you, your family and friends, and God Bless America!

Let’s get to work!

God Bless America and As Always…

Stay Strong,

~ Michael Stollaire

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U of A versus EPA

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In these perilous times for our nation and several of our states and communities, it seems as if new fissure points are deepening in our civil structure. For several decades union membership in the private sector has been declining as our heavy manufacturing industries have relocated to right-to-work states, moved offshore or upgraded to highly automated facilities. The labor unions, thirsting for the constant inflow of dues money, have shifted their focus toward retail establishments, service jobs and public sector employees to maintain their accustomed level of financial and political viability. Overall union membership continues to decline as a percentage of the population, but the militant unionization of the public sector has dramatically altered the dynamics of labor-management relations. Public sector employees negotiate their contracts with unelected supervisors and elected officials who can claim to be neutral even though many of them receive campaign contributions and union-based volunteers at election time.

Because of the dwindling private sector union base, the public sector organization efforts have become more robust and intense. This development, I believe, will become a self-defeating movement for public sector labor and for taxpayer-supported government. By unionizing public sector employees at a dizzying rate, unions have placed the civil service rules of the past century on steroids regarding the government’s ability to remove ineffective or corrupt workers. Many union contracts have constructed various hurdles and barriers to protect the unworthy employee, thereby requiring that others be hired to do the work that doesn’t get completed.

In addition, by funneling millions of dollars of campaign contributions and thousands of campaign “volunteers” into the election efforts of liberals and progressives (primarily), the unions are contributors toward the massive growth of government that so many of them are lusting for. Growing governments yield exploding bureaucracies that exceed the abilities of the political class or the people to control them. The union, nevertheless, is somewhat satiated because of their increasing rolls in the public sector even though their numbers for growth appear to lag behind the private sector losses. So, how many “good-paying middle class jobs” has an overzealous Environmental Protection Agency cost our nation, our local communities….and the unions who organized the laborers? How many union jobs have nit-picking bureaucracies from the entire spectrum of government, controlling departments lost because of their senseless oversight policies? While union leaders and their fundraisers scamper to expand their reach in the public sector, they continue to place private sector jobs at risk. Union members should ask their elitist, socialist-leaning organizers why they insist on killing or maiming hefty private sector jobs so they can squeeze more money for their political cronies.

Private sector workers must realize that their “leaders” are not looking out for them or their welfare. They are merely exchanging public and service dues-paying members for the losers who built their organizations. Every time some big-government rule from the bureaucracy impedes a private sector employer from growing or functioning well, a laid-off or ‘pink-slipped” union employee may be the ultimate recipient of the Big Brother overreach. Big government increases the tax burden for private sector union workers and places their jobs in jeopardy by over-regulating, over-licensing and bureaucratic foot dragging. Big Government’s inherent hostility toward the private sector has undermined its capacity for growth and prosperity…thus diminishing good job opportunities for the workforce.

It should be noted that a labor union wields the most power when it represents skilled workers in a labor-shortage environment. The union leadership’s efforts to organize service and retail workers will fill their financial coffers, but will not result in significant gains for the members. Maids, clerks and wait staff can be hired off the street after a couple of day’s work stoppage. It is more difficult to hire machinists and mechanics because so few people possess the requisite skill set. It seems, therefore, the modern movement to bolster union membership in the public sector could be the saving grace for a dwindling private sector group. The unions may be signing their own death knell with their new emphasis. Private sector workers may finally get a clue, and ignore or dismiss the leaders who have undermined them by promoting big government and massive bureaucracies. The public, the taxpayers, the people may withdraw or resist the expansionist efforts of the unions and big-government advocates.  The basket of tolerance can hold only so many eggs of higher taxes, government indebtedness and bureaucratic meddling before the eggs begin to break. The people’s discontent may rise to the point that the entire public sector will be either radically restructured or become so powerful that there will be no one remaining to pay the freight. Either way, the Marxist-leaning unionist’s strategy may backfire….as it should.

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Counting Sheep

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Banks, Capitalism, Communications, Constitution, Economy, Finance, Freedom, Immigration, Indocrination
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Don’t get too excited. I am not going to sing a lullaby to you. To the contrary I want to jar you awake. As we approach the 2012 elections, every party, every political wannabe and every career politician will be assessing the voters to determine how to finesse a winning number… they plan to be counting sheep. Politicians frequently lie. The uninformed, naïve ones mislead because they believe that they can defeat the system once they are elected. The cynical career politicians lie routinely and often. They do not even give the voters the courtesy of crossing their fingers behind their backs as they speak. They will do anything, evade everything and promise enduring fidelity to the Constitution to capture your vote. They will lie. I challenge you to find more than 5 members of Congress or the state legislature who never vote for unconstitutional legislation or resolutions.

If a citizen or a politician believes that some particular law or regulation is worthy but unconstitutional, she or he can implement the process to change the document through an amendment. Just because a politician, a citizen or a group believes something should be permissible or government-sponsored does not make it a legitimate function of government. Good ideas are not necessarily legal or constitutional. Politicians thrive when the sheeple clamor for something that is extra-constitutional. The public outcry provides some modicum of justification for extending government power, and supplies cover for future efforts to suppress our liberty. Politicians may not be the most profound thinkers in the land, but they do know how to count and read polling data.

It becomes impossible to expect the political class to display restraint when the citizens routinely look for government solutions for private sector problems. Just as the three year old child wants every toy in the store, many citizens demand that government correct every default and solve every ill. Our mission should include educating and chiding our fellow citizens to become more self-reliant. We do a reasonably good job of informing them about government inadequacy and over reaching, but we fall short when placing the blame where it lies…with the people who demand more or tolerate it. When things are running smoothly, the people’s vigilance and willingness to accept questionable governing is maximized. When the wheels of government and society begin to wobble, the people are motivated to pay attention, but our action is not initiated until the wheels begin to fall off the government and social structure.

If the people succeed in our attempts to preserve the republic by electing servants who are committed to liberty and the Constitution, then, as we were warned two centuries ago, our cry must be for eternal, effective vigilance. Cockroaches avoid the light, and politicians avoid controversy. The vocal activists must outwork and out shout the looters. If the looters win, we all will be losers. Right now the looters and their political puppets have a huge advantage. They control the levers of power. They control the Federal Reserve. They hold control over most of the media. The looters are firmly entrenched in all levels of the formal academic and educational system. The looters are in positions of power within many of the religious institutions in the nation. The looters are siphoning the energy and heart out of our nation, and leaving behind an empty skeleton. There are, at this late stage, some of our citizens who do not understand that the skeleton is empty…no organs, no muscle, no tissue, no blood. They mistake the collection of bones for the reality that once existed. They have not yet discerned that without blood and muscle, the body cannot survive.

Our mission as patriots and lovers of liberty who must sound the clarion call is to alert our fellows, our families, our co-workers, our churches, our neighbors and everyone we know or meet that the skeleton is empty, and we must labor to rebuild the body. We, all of us, can no longer live the life of compliant sheep. We must stand up to be counted…not as sheep…but as people committed to individual liberty. Perhaps we have the time to prevail…perhaps not. Liberty isn’t easy, and it ain’t cheap.

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Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA): Treating Illegal Immigrants as VIPs and American Citizens like Serfs

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Communications, Constitution, Dianne Feinstein, Economy, Finance, Freedom, Illegal Immigration, Immigration, Media, National Defense, Oppression, Politics, Quotations, Rants, Security, Taxes, Tyranny
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John Adams

John Adams

Dianne Feinstein (D-CA): Treating Illegal Immigrants as VIPs and American Citizens like Serfs

“We are a government of laws and not of men.” ~ John Adams

I feel that illegal immigration is the #1 issue for this country currently, and securing the border. Even taking the liberal low-ball estimate of $95 Billion a year, we are looking at an approximate savings of $1 Trillion per decade, which will PAY OFF THE DEBT! The conservative estimate (pun intended) is $100-200 Billion per year lost due to illegal immigration, which is $1-2 Trillion per decade. The first step is ENFORCING THE LAWS ON THE BOOKS, and punishing the American employers that are hiring illegal immigrants. Slap them with a felony crime with mandatory jail time and fines of $10-25,000 per infraction, and we’ve taken the first step to solving the issue permanently. The motivation for illegal immigration is to take American jobs, and send that money back to their homeland. Take that away, and they will go home without any “round-up” of 10-20 million people. Problem solved.

In short, I want our public servants, from the local Sheriff to The Oval Office itself, to treat law-abiding American Citizens BETTER than illegal immigrants!

However, it seems that Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) disagrees with me ~ surprise, surprise! ~ as she must see these 10-20 million illegal immigrants as potential Democrat voters that would be converted via blanket amnesty imposed by The Dream Act, which would lead to the “American Royalty” getting what they REALLY want, which is to retain all of their control, power and money, and enhance their ruling class role, as an elite oligarchy that views the average person on Main Street as a peasant/slave:

“California politicians press for special treatment for children of illegal immigrants, such as having them pay in-state tuition in the state university system. California’s Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) even tenders private bills to block deportation for specific undocumented persons and grant them U.S. residency. As it breaks down, undocumented noncitizens get special favors from national politicians and the educational system. On the other hand, the system punishes legal U.S. citizens for simply trying to get their kids into better public schools. Those parents might be forgiven for seeing a double standard and feeling abandoned.”

If you are not mortified and livid about this statement, then you are simply not paying attention. I personally went into thousands of dollars of debt to attend Syracuse University, and mopped the floors and cleaned the toilets of dining halls as my work-study job to get through college. Any so-called “leader” that holds elected office, that supports the contention that illegal immigrants should be treated better than law-abiding American Citizens should be removed from office via the official recall process immediately. This is just another element of proof-positive that corruption is a virus that has run rampant throughout our government.

Do I really have to point the following out: illegal activities should be PUNISHED, and NOT rewarded?!

“There is simply no escaping the fact that the fate of The Constitution is in our hands ~ as voters, representatives, justices. If we allow ourselves to abuse the tradition of higher lawmaking, the very idea that The Constitution can be viewed as the culminating expression of a mobilized citizenry will disintegrate. After all, The American Republic is no more eternal than The Roman Empire ~ and it will come to an end when American citizens betray their Constitution’s fundamental ideals and aspirations so thoroughly that existing institutions merely parody the public meanings they formerly conveyed. ~ Samuel Adams

I really believe that illegal immigration and securing the border is THE issue that resonates throughout America, as shown via recent Rasmussen polls showing that 63% of all Americans say that border control is a top immigration priority and 74% of all Americans have indicated that the government is simply not doing enough to secure the borders. Obama is also LYING about “The Great Wall of Mexico” being complete. It’s not nearly done, and most of the work is being completed by private companies, since The Federal Government’s epic fail on their promise to take care of comprehensive immigration reform during Obama’s first term of office.

The primary motivation for illegal immigration is working “under the table” for employers in America who are breaking the law, earning money, and sending it back to their families abroad. Take that away, and illegal immigration is no longer a problem. Time to drop the hammer.

God bless you, your family and friends, and God Bless America!

Let’s get to work!

God Bless America and As Always…

Stay Strong,

~ Michael Stollaire

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SOURCE: The Washington Times, “Billingsley: Grand Theft Education”

Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams

Senator Dianne Feinstein: International Narcotics Control Versus Securing the Border

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Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

Senator Dianne Feinstein: International Narcotics Control Versus Securing the Border

First and foremost, I would like to applaud today’s decision by The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), to uphold an Arizona law that penalizes businesses for hiring workers who are in the United States illegally, rejecting arguments that states have no role in immigration matters. This is Tenth Amendment rights at it’s finest. Recently, I was asked what the #1 issue would be that The Tea Party and Patriot movements could rally behind, and in my opinion, that would be securing the borders. According to a recent poll, Rasmussen has indicated decisively that 74% of Americans believe that the government is not doing enough to secure the borders.

I believe that an official, unified policy statement can and should be issued, regarding The Tea Party/Patriot Movement, including what We The People stand for and against, and in my eyes, illegal immigration and securing the border would immediately percolate to the top of the list.

Since the liberals view illegal immigrants as potential new Democrat voters, they are forwarding The Dream Act, in order to introduce blanket amnesty to all illegal immigrants currently within the borders of America. The Left indicates that The Dream Act is about children, but since the age limit associated with the bill is someone of the age of forty-two (42), I would have to disagree on this matter, and did so today, on The Vicki Childs Show. First of all, The Dream Act is America’s NIGHTMARE. Our Founding Fathers made it very clear that any new legislation should be under one-hundred (100) pages long, and the verbiage clear to the average American citizen on Main Street. 

Here’s a good rule of thumb to follow: Any piece of legislation that is not accompanied by extensive documentation, proving that it is Constitutional shall be denied review, and we should initiate an audit of all legislation that has been passed since the ratification of The Bill of Rights, to prove Constitutionality of the legislation. If no proof can be provided, than such legislation should be considered nullified by The United States of America.

However, let’s take a look at the REAL REASON behind all of this activity: the age-old method of liberals promising “free stuff” to potential voters, in order to remain in power. Justifiably, just like African-Americans voted Republican for a century following Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, these same individuals and Democrats in general voted for FDR and LBJ after Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and The Civil Rights Act were passed into law, although up until the point they were running for President, they were dead-set against all of these initiatives. Let’s take a look at a couple of salient quotes:

“I’ll have those n*****s voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” ~ LBJ (To two governors on Air Force One)

“[C]ontinued dependence upon welfare, said FDR, induces a spiritual disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fiber. To dole our relief in this way is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit.” ~ FDR

The reality is that the far-left liberals are introducing The Dream Act as blanket amnesty, in order to create 10-20 Million Democrat voters out of thin air, like Houdini. This has little-to-nothing to do with assisting children to accomplish their version of The American Dream, but about creating a new paradigm shift, which will help to ensure Democrat “rule” for decades, if not centuries to come. I have nothing against LEGAL immigration, but am against anything that breaks the rule of law. I am also personally disgusted by the elite oligarchy that has appeared on the horizon, and what they do and say to stay in power.

The only three potential scenarios that I can see for a path to American citizenship for that individual and not their family are:

1. The legal procedure to become an American resident and citizen

2. Four (4) years of mandatory service in the US military

3. Graduation from a four-year university, followed by several years of public service, showing their contribution to American society

The border between the US and Mexico has turned into a legitimate war zone, and Obama saying that the wall is complete, is a complete lie. Of course, I don’t want to concentrate on Mexico as a source of illegal immigration ~ the fact is that I am against ALL illegal immigration, no matter what the country of origin might be.

Let’s take a look at what Senator Feinstein had to say today:

“U.S. Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), co-chairs of the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control, today released a report outlining key steps and initiatives to combat Mexico’s brutal drug trafficking organizations and reduce violence in the country. The report, U.S. and Mexican Responses to Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations, is endorsed by all seven Members of the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control and makes several recommendations for the U.S. government.  The report synthesizes information gathered through a country visit, briefings, interviews, and a review of documents from both government and non-government subject matter experts.”

This is complete garbage, and a typical example of liberals treating the symptom and not the root-cause of the problem itself. How about we stop putting out the random “fires” and catch the arson? Here’s my rhetorical question of the day for you all: Would there be a drug trafficking problem, if the border between Mexico and America was completely secured? OF COURSE NOT! Then again, that could take courage and leadership, and currently, we’ve got spineless cowards in office, for the most part.

The lies and outright deception continue in the next piece of the article:

“The United States provides counternarcotics assistance throughout the world, but our security partnership with Mexico is unique since we share a 1,969 mile border, said Senator Feinstein.What happens in Mexico has a deep impact on the United States and the reciprocal is also true.  Today, U.S. – Mexico ties are stronger than ever, and we must take advantage of this historic moment by continuing to deepen our security partnership with Mexico,” continued Feinstein.  I urge my colleagues in Congress and members of the Obama Administration to read this report and use it as a blueprint for future cooperation with Mexico to combat drug trafficking.”


1. US – Mexico ties are falling apart

2. Drug trafficking would stop if we acted with courage and leadership and locked down the border

3. A small fraction of the 1,969 miles of border is fenced and secured

4. The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act showed that there was a direct relationship with the number of Border Patrol agents and a decrease in illegal immigration and crimes associated with illegal immigration


1. Conduct random audits of all American employers to identify infractions with current laws on the books ~ start at the Canadian border, and work southward to Mexico

2. Charge all responsible parties with felony crimes and a minimum fine of $10-25,000 per infraction

3. Deport all identified illegal immigrants within 24-48 hours

4. Give the 15-25% of all prison inmates that are illegal immigrants all the tools they need to build “The Great Wall of Mexico” across all 1,969 miles of border ~ make it from titanium steel, electrify it, put in land mines, etc.

5. If the current Border Patrol contingency is not adequate, increase the number of boots on the ground, until illegal immigration is curtailed, as shown via the most imperative performance metrics ~ “If you cannot measure it, you cannot control it.”

6. Until Border Patrol personnel is increased via adequate recruiting, we should immediately supplement their forces with The National Guard, attack dogs, etc.

7. The President of the United States (POTUS) should call President Calderon of Mexico and make him aware that the 15-25% of all current inmates in our prisons that American taxpayers are paying for will be released to Mexico within 30-60 days, and if his police/military do not handle the border issues associated with the Mexican drug cartels that we will have no other choice but to deploy The US Marines from Camp Pendleton in Southern California to take care of the situation, and any and all land that we occupy will become United States sovereign territory

I’m pretty sure that would take care of it.

God bless you, your family and friends, and God Bless America!

Let’s get to work!

God Bless America and As Always…

Stay Strong,

~ Michael Stollaire

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SOURCE: US and Mexican Responses to Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations

Feinstein: Focusing on Symptoms of the Real Issues Instead of Event Correlation and Root-Cause Analysis

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Constitution, Dianne Feinstein, Immigration
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Feinstein: Focusing on Symptoms of the Real Issues Instead of Event Correlation and Root-Cause Analysis

In yet another insult to the American people’s intelligence Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has implemented a new strategy to deal with the skyrocketing increase of criminal behavior on the states bordering Mexico: Creating new Federal judgeships in California, Texas and Arizona, as per an article in The San Francisco Chronicle:

“Skyrocketing criminal caseloads creating a judicial crisis in U.S.-Mexico border states prompted senators Wednesday to announce plans to create new federal judgeships in California, Texas and Arizona. Legislation sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., would create four new judicial seats in California, three in Texas and one in Arizona to address the crowded criminal dockets resulting from increased law enforcement efforts.”

Politics is played like a game of chess: before the first move is made, the entire match is thought out. If you wanted to take another step towards Amnesty via the so-called nightmarish “Dream Act,” wouldn’t you move federal judges into that area that are appointed by liberals, so that any district decisions that are made in those areas are in their favor? Of course you would. In this war of ideas, “The Liberal Army” has been put through boot camp, have been equipped, been given orders, have been deployed, and have engaged the opposition ~ you and I.

This is yet another epic fail method that is being introduced by the far-left that every American should consider an insult to their intelligence. Ask yourself this question: Why is there so much criminal activity on the Mexican border states? Because we don’t have a southern border. We’ve got an open-gate that allows illegal immigration from Mexico, and as such is as porous as Swiss cheese. We’re worried about terrorism striking another 9-11 type attack, putting our own citizens through the “grope and porn” TSA method which is a direct violation of our Constitutional Fourth Amendment rights, but the reality is that the elements of a “dirty bomb” designed to rain down radioactive Armageddon, can be easily built in any college/university science lab. The only thing missing is the heavily-enriched uranium and/or plutonium ~ we all know that Hezbollah is creating a terrorist center in Mexico, and why? Because they know if the odds are ten percent that they can get a golf-ball sized chunk of fissile material through El Paso, etc. they just need to make ten attempts to get it in.

This is a stark reality that we all need to face. Feinstein supports Obama’s obvious lies that The Great Wall of Mexico is built; however, the reality is that it’s not even close to being done, and since the US Government doesn’t want to fund it, we’ve relied on American entrepreneurial spirit to build the rest of the wall. Personally, since I know that approximately 25% of our prisons are filled with illegal immigrants ~ since this environment is actually a step up from their normal day to day life, and much safer than being on the streets with the Mexican drug cartels… ~ we should simply call President Calderon and inform him that we will be putting these people to work (I will supply the shovels, etc.) building The Great Wall of Mexico, and upon completion, he will have a thirty-day grace period to prepare for every illegal immigrant currently housed in our prisons to be immediately deported to Mexico.

The drug cartels are a danger to the lives of American citizens in the border states, so I would also mention to President Calderon that if he doesn’t get them under control, then we will have no other choice but to deploy a combination of US Border Patrol, National Guard, and Marines from Camp Pendelton into Mexico, and after clearing out the area, and achieving ultimate victory against the enemy, that the land we occupy would become sovereign American land.


The “Skyrocketing criminal caseloads” came from illegal immigration. This is a symptom of the real problem at hand, and instead of treating the symptom by increasing the amount of judges in the area, we should be laser-focused on solving the root-cause, which is stopping illegal immigration dead in its tracks.


Repeal NAFTA, as this benefits Canada and Mexico, not America

Enforce the current laws on the books, that make it clear that it is a felony crime to employ an illegal immigrant

Send out a mass-communication to all US employers, indicating that in thirty days, random audits will take place, with the explicit goal of finding and deporting illegal immigrants ~ each infraction would result in their business license being destroyed, a $10-25,000 fine, plus 5-10 years in a federal prison with no chance of parole

Privatize a security and auditing task force and begin random audits of US employers, starting from the Canadian border, and working all the way down to the Mexican border

Bring the 25% of the prison population out on chain gangs, and privatize bids for providing them with the tools that they need

Have the chain gangs build “The Great Wall of Mexico” across California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas ~ made from titanium steel, 15-20 feet tall, electrified, rip barbed wire fence, and land mines if necessary

Increase The US Border Patrol and National Guard numbers to whatever resources it takes to effectively patrol the Mexican border ~ with attack dogs, of course, and give them specific orders to use lethal force if necessary

Last but not least, watch all illegal immigrants within America run like Hell back to Mexico

God bless you, your family and friends, and God Bless America!

Let’s get to work!

God Bless America and As Always…

Stay Strong,

~ Michael Stollaire

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SOURCE: The San Francisco Gate

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