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There is a term that all career legislative politicians know and cherish. It is “voting from cover.” This is a device whereby your typical unprincipled politician can vote either way on a piece of legislation, but the leadership allows him or her to vote according to which way would most assist the politician’s re-election because the leaders had enough votes to pass the measure. In other words the politician was willing to vote for passage but voted against it because his vote was not needed. Given this frequent scenario, it is no wonder that citizens have become as cynical as their elected officials.


When one examines the voting record of a political professional, one often discovers some contradictory results. A politician may vote for a measure the first time around, but vote against a nearly identical version on the second pass. The suggestively schizophrenic behavior is generally an indicator that the so-called public servant was voting from cover. You may recall the legendary John Kerry statement from the 2004 campaign that he “voted for funding the Iraq war before he voted against it.” There were some commentators and of course, Republicans, who ridiculed Kerry’s apparent two-faced approach to such a vital issue. Many in the mass media, however, did not condemn Kerry because they understood that his votes reflected a total self-serving attempt to appear on both sides of the issue. They correctly understood that Kerry’s waffling…his unprincipled position…was not rare, but it was all too common among our United States’ political class.


At first blush an observer might seek to find some mechanism or penalty for those who choose to vote from cover to enhance their political fortunes. The problem with a remedy that directly addresses the issue is that there is no allowance for the politician who actually changes her or his position because of conscience, principle or payoff. We cannot fully trust the politician’s explanation for the position switch because so many of them are either slick liars or self-delusional. The observer can assume from the beginning that the leadership allowed the member to vote from cover if the vote was close, and the member voted against the majority. An overwhelming vote on either side of an issue is not a good barometer for testing the legislator’s principles because aside from the chicken or weasel, congress critters most often resemble lemmings. One of the first skills developed by a legislator is learning how to jump in front of a parade and pretending to lead it.


Unfortunately, it is difficult to detect which unprincipled politicians were voting from cover on any particular bill unless one is closely observing the roll call on C-SPAN. If the watcher knows who the Whips are for the party, they can see who they’re “babysitting” as the vote rolls in. As the numbers of “Ayes and Nays” approach finality, the Whips will release their wards to vote. If the Speaker “needs” their votes, they’ll vote for his position, but if there are a sufficient number supporting the Speaker’s stance, the captive Congresspersons will be allowed to vote consistent with their constituents’ preferences. So, what if the leaders are wrong (we have 100 years of recent history to suggest that our political leaders are often wrong)? Are our elected representatives so politically motivated that they would sacrifice principle in order to prevent embarrassing the leadership? Apparently so and historical evidence supports the premise. Certainly it is helpful if there is unity within the caucus when they are pursuing an ideal or policy that is based on principle and integrity. Unity for unity’s sake, however, when promoted and enforced to achieve damaging compromise merely reinforces the cynicism of the voters. Deal-making, deal-cutting and bet-hedging are reprehensible positions when the integrity of the nation is at stake. Yes, this type of legislating has been in place since the beginning of our Republic, but heightened scrutiny and moments of sustained crisis have illustrated the folly and damage that such an approach creates. “Business as usual” should become unusual and undesirable.


Our political system has become so corrupt and decayed that fixing it seems nearly impossible. I am convinced that most of those who are first elected to Congress or their respective legislatures enter with high hopes and sincere desires to make a difference. They become part of the system without realizing how compromised they are. Voting from cover is just another example of how unrepresentative our political system is. If you recall, 22 House members voted against Boehner’s sell-out deal on the debt ceiling, but the real number of steadfast fiscally-responsible patriots is 19. Three Members were being herded by Whip Kevin McCarthy until the vote was “locked.” They were willing to vote with Boehner, but because there were sufficient votes, they were “allowed” to vote for principle. I’m still trying to confirm who those three were, and they do not merit inclusion in the roll call of courage and conviction. There were 19 Spartans standing at the gates as the Persians advanced. There were three opportunists standing behind them….under cover….away from the arrows. Luke’s Gospel is good. Lukewarm is tepid.


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Dear Congress

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Mr. Speaker, Mr. Majority Leader and Members of the House Republican Caucus,

You have been returned to the majority because most of the people of this nation have recognized that our country is facing a severe economic, social, fiscal and political crisis. The majority of voters in November of last year discerned that the Democrat majority under former-Speaker Pelosi had relinquished any semblance of fiscal responsibility that they may have ever held. In addition to their profligacy, their legislative agenda undermined the liberty of our citizens and generated more tension between the taxed and the beneficiaries. You were either elected or re-elected to stop the madness and to turn around from the disastrous direction that our United States of America clearly is headed.

We understand that many of you are career politicians who lust for office and the accolades that shower you. We understand that many of you may be honest and moral, but you appear to lack the finely honed principles that should guide you. You have taken an oath of office………

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

We have some questions for your consideration. Did you take the oath seriously? Do you understand the oath? How would you define “support and defend the Constitution?” Have you done so during your political career? Is a “good idea” necessarily Constitutional? Where do you personally draw the line about when to support the Constitution and when to ignore or dismiss it? Have you willingly violated your oath because the nation has needs that are not addressed by Article 1 Section 8? Or have you violated your oath because the Constitution has been abused by Congress for so long that it cannot be fixed….you know, that toothpaste back into the tube dilemma?

We know that Democrats lie, cheat and steal (votes) to move their agenda. We are grateful that, for the most part, you seek to fulfill your duties and obligations with honor and integrity. We want you, however, to be bold, courageous and principled….fight constantly and consistently for Constitutional principles and the restoration of personal liberty for all citizens of the United States. You appear to have resisted advancing ideas, strategies and legislation that would challenge this incremental march toward personal and economic tyranny because they might fail. I might add here that the incremental march has become a gallop. Why are you afraid to fail on a matter of principle? You should know that your vote to repeal the healthcare fiasco was appreciated, but we know that you have made no serious effort to defund it. In fact, during this debt ceiling/budget cuts kabuki dance, the President declared that his opening gambit for socialized medicine was “off the table,” and we hear nothing…….crickets from the House of Representatives. Many of the people who have supported you are sorely disappointed that your actions have been so feeble and so hesitant. We frankly do not care if Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi does not like you in fact we prefer it that way. Only a few of your members seem to understand that “business as usual” is no longer a viable option. The conditions in our country are no longer usual, they have become critical.

If you are reluctant to battle on principle because you may not have the votes, or the Senate will shoot it down, please note that when an underdog football team has a powerhouse on the schedule, they show up, get dressed and play the freakin’ game. They do not hide on the bus or refuse to leave the locker room. Their opponents may be faster, stronger and better coached, but once in a while the underdog wins. You cannot win if you refuse to get off the bus. I understand that expecting career politicians to be courageous could be classified as wishful thinking. I also understand that desiring you to stand for principles and Constitutional integrity may be asking for more than you are capable of delivering. I am aware that a principled Constitutional position may jeopardize your chances for re-election. Are you aware that some 235 years ago some men pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor? And you are worried about your image, your polling or your next election? If so, that is shameful. It is also a symptom of why we are in this current mess.

We heard you say many times during the last campaign that you had learned a lesson from the last time you had a majority, and the voters reacted with fury. I do not believe you. Learning a lesson should propel you to take bold action for the nation. Nibbling on the margins suggests that you are merely doing so for appearance’s sake. We suspect that many of you resent those of us who want smaller government, lower taxes and more personal freedom. Some of you believe that we are “kooks” or “wackos.” We love our country, and we do not want to watch anyone destroy it….or simply stand by while it disintegrates. Please be bold. Be courageous. Be principled, and follow the Constitution…or have the guts to amend it. We, and I, will be watching you. Remember your oath or affirmation. Our nation is at risk, and we cannot afford to have you piddling around any longer.

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Left Versus Right: Statistical Distributions Applied to Geopolitics

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Left Versus Right: Statistical Distributions Applied to Geopolitics

by Michael Stollaire

You hear time and time again that we are a center-right country, correct? So, I automagically remember my college statistics classes and the infamous “normal bell curve,” because we come to the conclusion that the average person in America has center-right geopolitical thinking.

However, I think we are approaching a different sample distribution, with a peak on the left and on the right, which is a mini version of what went on during The Civil War, and the civil rights riots in the 1960s, which paints a totally different picture of the average citizen’s political thinking, does it not? Doing the same Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), we have the same geopolitical/ideological average, indicating that America is center-right on the political spectrum; however, we see that America itself is transforming into a nation divided.

Normal Distribution and Probability Distributions ~ Defined:

We’ve got some cognitive dissonance going on in everyone’s head, because the Liberal Socialists and the Constitutional Conservatives have radically different definitions of “right” and “wrong” and “abnormal” and “normal.” Therefore, all of us are disturbed, wondering why we’re upset at what’s going on in the country. All of “us” are saying to ourselves, that something is obviously wrong with “them.” This is a perverse form of brainwashing that has transpired since circa 1900, via the mass media, alternative media, new media, etc. Indeed, we might view the vast majority of the content on television, the radio, corporate controlled internet websites and so forth as an extrapolation of Joseph Goebbels and his “Big Lie” propaganda technique. The reality is that most Americans believe what is in the news, simply because it is in the news. This is my cue to quote The Gipper.

“Trust but VERIFY!” ~ Ronald Reagan

Cognitive Dissonance ~ Defined:

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

If we allow this trend to continue, we will see the economic and geopolitical issues present in Greece and parts of The Middle East to invade our own shores. If you think this cannot happen in America, you have taken your liberty and freedom for granted, as it certainly can and will. There is no reason to panic, but there are plenty of reasons to stand together and fight for what you feel is correct. The Great American Experiment is about allowing men and women to govern themselves, whereas the statist progressives would have you believe that you are all little children that need to be taken care of, via regulation of every aspect of your lives. San Francisco’s removal of McDonalds Happy Meal toys is an example: Should America allow people like Nancy Pelosi to decide what food you eat? I think the answer is a definitive NO, as if we allow them to regulate our food intake, they will take even more steps towards a Nanny State paradigm. What’s next? Letting them tell you what clothes you will wear, and so forth?

Draw the line in the sand, and take your country back, before it is taken from you. If your freedom and liberty is lost, it will be lost forever. We The People… UNITED WE STAND!

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” ~ Ronald Reagan

God bless you, your family and friends, and God Bless America!

Let’s get to work!

God Bless America and As Always…

Stay Strong,

~ Michael Stollaire

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Safety First

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The Nanny State cares about you. The Nanny State wants you to live life without facing any adverse situations….well, without facing difficulties that have not been caused by government. You see, when life throws you curve balls, those are bad. When government throws you bean balls, those are called “shared sacrifices.” The Nanny State is committed to protecting you from every type of imaginable or potential harm…except for the damages inflicted by the government. Even when I personally resent the Nanny State’s annoying meddling in my life, I could, at some level, understand the insatiable desire by the government to control so many facets of my life if they were not ideologically and agenda driven constraints. Many of the limitations and regulations do not make sense from an economic or a safety point of view, but do satisfy some misbegotten ideological purpose.

A glaring example that we have previously discussed on these pages is the banning of the incandescent light bulb in favor of the compact fluorescent variety. For the moment the House has suspended the implementation of the policy, but government never gives in, never gives up. The insanity of an ideological unproven “global warming” scare leading Congress and the EPA to ban a tried and true technology and replace it with a toxic-laden substitute illustrates the folly of much government regulation—particularly the ideological-driven rules. The collectivist attitude is blatantly apparent in this regulatory fiasco….preserve the planet from a theoretical future of global warming, but put individuals at risk with more expensive deadly products.

When any child loses his or her life, it is a tragic circumstance. According to the Product Safety Commission, in the last ten years 32 children have been mortally injured by baby cribs with sliding adjustable sides. With the publishing of the data the PSC has arbitrarily determined that ALL parents are too stupid or lack discernment to choose a crib for their children that is not so risky. So, they have banned the sliding-side infant crib, and forbade reselling of older models at garage sales and thrift shops. We are waiting for a definitive rule that bans “giving” the lethal cribs from one family member to another as has been the historical norm. While 32 deaths are regrettable and heart-breaking, the banning of the crib can, to some degree, affect nearly all of the 308 million residents of the nation.

Unlike the infant crib regulatory ban, RU-486, the “morning after pill,” is ideologically and politically correct. The statists promote unrestrained abortion, and resist any attempt to curtail the deadly industry. It is apparent that ideology trumps safety when the impact of RU-486 is examined. According to analyst David Alton of Great Britain, roughly 5-8% of RU-486 users experience severe complications…including death. So, the obvious question is “why are sliding-side baby cribs banned because of their dangerous potential when RU-486 has a much higher level of malfunctioning?” Clearly the answer is that Big Government and the Nanny State are driven by ideological considerations. Aborted children and their deceased mothers are an acceptable risk to preserve the right to destroy children at will according to the government’s priorities.

As the government and the multiplicity of agencies, bureaus and departments roam the country looking for ways to make my life better and safer, the unspoken factor is that every little regulation that makes my life safer also limits my freedom. Many would argue that the comprehensive examination conducted by the TSA at our airports is necessary to protect us from nefarious characters. We know, however, that their “so-called” random extensive observations have no basis in reality other than mere statistical happenstance. Profiling is forbidden because it may be deemed as discriminatory whereas groping small children and little old ladies in wheelchairs is considered acceptable. Once again, the Nanny State’s efforts to enhance our safety do little to make us safer and do restrict our personal liberty.

Finally, this observation does not involve product safety or the efficacy of pharmaceuticals. I wonder how can a government that is so concerned with the potential safety of every citizen when they interact with the private sector, be so nonchalant about high-level bombing using aircraft and drones? The resultant collateral damage from those sorties exceeds the losses by far from some of the issues they seek to regulate. Does our federal government practice gross discrimination by assuming that Libyan civilians or Afghanis are not as valuable as U.S. residents? Or is it that Nanny State’s real concern is for the power to control us? Our actual safety and well-being are secondary considerations. Every little regulatory element places another nail in our boxes. The motto of the new order is “safety first, liberty never, state forever.” Enjoy your safe trip toward tyranny, because it will be nearly impossible to come back.

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The Jimmy Z Show ~ Reality Check Commentary: “Time To Cut Up The Credit Cards!”

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The Jimmy Z Show: Michael Stollaire’s “Reality Check Commentary”



Federal Debt Limit Stupidity ~ by Douglas Stevenson

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Capitalism, Communications, Constitution, Economy, Finance, Oppression, Politics, Rants, Tyranny
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Federal Debt Limit Stupidity ~ by Douglas Stevenson

I’m having a problem understanding the Federal Government. I just don’t get it. See, in my own house, I have X amount coming in. When that is not enough, I need to find ways to cut spending. Working another job may be an option for a while but it is not sustainable over the long term.  It is imperative to live within your means and plan for your future.


Do I apply for a bunch of credit cards, take out a second mortgage and borrow against my assets just so I can live beyond my means? What happens when I cannot make payments on the credit any more?


If you get into a bunch of credit debt, you need to be working your butt off to get it paid off. It is like giving your hard earned money away. This REQUIRES that you live within YOUR means. Not the MEANS of others.


I know some folks have this mentality that they will spend until they can no longer pay off their debt, then file for bankrputcy. We should have regulations in place to stop ID 10 Ts like this so that their foolishness doesn’t cost the more common sense folks money. Like if you steal, other customers have to be burdened with the costs associated with what you took. And in some cases, employees are tasked with making up the difference. Walk out on a bill in a restaurant… See who gets to pay.  Isn’t that friggin selfish? They deserve to pay for you when you decide you don’t want to work for something you want. Whats up with that?


I filed for bankruptcy once.  I would have never went down that road had I had no choice. But I also learned from it. Won’t go back there again. EVER.


Lets say you make $2K a month take home. What if $800 had to go out to pay the MINIMUMs on your Credit Cards?  And you want MORE Credit?  And what if it costs $3k to operate? What ever happened to a bit of responsibility here? This is what the Federal Govenrment checking account looks like to me!


Now you could go out and work 2 full time jobs but sooner or later, you will suffer.  Health, crispness of mind, attention span, all go when you over tax your body. Sometimes, you can get a great sleep in a hospital bed! Bujt its an expensive and avoidable option in cases like this.


Am I crazy or am I the only person that gets this? Does this not seem like common sense to you? I cannot fathom how many highly educated folks we vote into office and they do not understand the basics of home bufgeting and household finance.  It is a testament to the level of intelligence coming out of our colleges these days!


Folks in business that are smart, invest wisely with new products and services they go to market with.  They understand what its going to take and how far off the ROI return is.  The folks in DC… We need to send them Clue donors to get them thinking a little more logically!!!


I tell you, whoever runs for President and commits to Dave Ramsey taking over the budget, has my vote and my support! Lock, stock, and Barrel!






Raising The Debt Limit ~ Time to Cut the Cards Up!

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Raising The Debt Limit ~ Time to Cut the Cards Up!

by Michael Alan Stollaire

I’ve viewed a great many charts, graphs and projections on this issue, along with soliloquies from politicians that Shakespeare would be envious of, plus a healthy dose of finger-pointing, but let’s break it down to a minimal level: Washington DC cannot be trusted with the money of The American Taxpayer, and it is time for We The People to cut their credit cards up!

If the deal that is brewing behind mahogany doors in DC does not include trillions of dollars of cuts, a steadfast stance on slashing tax rates across the board, and the dismantling of entire departments, such as The Department of Education, The Department of Energy, The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), etc. we are headed towards a wholesale default. This means that the phrase on our Treasury Bills (a.k.a., America’s sovereign debt) that reads “backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government” is going to turn into a strong sell indication on Wall Street.

Here is a brief timeline on what could potentially transpire:

  1. The Democrats and Republicans continue to play the “us versus them” game, doing what is best for their political parties, themselves, and the special interests that support them instead of doing their job, which is to do what is best for their constituency ~ We The People.
  2. Both parties continue to say that they are willing to work with the other side of the aisle with public speeches indicating this, which will be worthy of consideration for The Academy Award, but will be just acting, as they have absolutely no intention to do so.
  3. Several bi-partisan solutions will be fronted, and none of them will be found acceptable by the other side. There will be talk of compromise, but zero action to lead to any compromise. Instead, the typical tactics will be used by the liberals, indicating that the fiscally sane ideas of conservatives will benefit “the fat cats” and lead to a middle-class Armageddon, a severe, current financial impact to Senior Citizens so they cannot afford food/prescription drugs, etc. and I would not be surprised if the Obama administration accuses Boehner of stealing candy from babies.
  4. Time runs out and August 2nd hits ~ America officially defaults on its national debt.
  5. Standard and Poors (S&P) and Moody’s have their long-awaited “I Told You So” moment, and they deeply downgrade America’s debt rating from AAA to junk bonds.
  6. Nanny State checks associated with unemployment, welfare, Social Security, etc. stop being issued.
  7. The US Government goes into a partial shutdown, with only a skeleton crew left to hold the fort ~ thousands of state and federal workers get laid off, and/or lose their positions permanently.
  8. “Contagion” officially spreads from The Eurozone to America, and all individuals and nations holding American debt will be brought into a recession/depression whirlpool.
  9. A huge increase in the Treasury Bill yield will have to be put into place, in order to attract trading.
  10. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and NASDAQ tank, making 2008 look like a minor correction.
  11. China and Russia’s assertion that the US Dollar (USD) should no longer be the world’s reserve currency starts to look like a matter of fact.
  12. Since oil is purchased in US Dollars, the move to use The World Bank’s basket of currencies and precious metals known as Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) would supplant this trading mechanism, and America would be forced to convert dollars into SDRs to purchase oil, resulting in a severe uptick in the price of oil.
  13. The price of gas at the pump would increase 25-50% virtually overnight ~ $10/gallon gas is not unthinkable.
  14. In response to energy prices “necessarily skyrocketing,” utility bills go through the roof, and hyperinflation kicks in ~ trucking companies, transportation, food prices, etc. all are increased 10-25% almost instantly.
  15. The engine of the American economy seizes, and corporate America, small business owners and entrepreneurs go into total protection mode, shedding American jobs and all unnecessary expenditures to survive ~ that is IF they don’t go bankrupt and shutter the windows. Main Streets across the nation turn into ghost towns.
  16. Mortgage defaults and foreclosures level the housing industry.
  17. A mass exodus of American corporations is initiated ~ corporate HQs are moved overseas.
  18. A new trend to downsize and outsource most if not all positions rears its ugly head.
  19. Unemployment balloons to over 15-20%.
  20. 25% of all Americans are now on food stamps.

What a second! I just described a double-dip Great Recession, or even Great Depression II ~ exactly what The Obama Administration promised would never occur. It sounds like Obama’s promise that the unemployment rate would never go above 8% if we spent $1 Trillion on bailing out the financial sector, and all of corporate America that was destined “too big to fail.” As soon as The Federal Government of America has the capability to pick winners and losers in the tactical economic landscape, we have a statist scenario and you can kiss the free market system goodbye.

If you want to know who the traitors in American government are, just look at the list of people that voted to raise the debt ceiling. Unless there are trillions of dollars of spending cuts associated with this strategic move ~ including the entitlement programs… ~ we are at the end of the road to a debt crisis of massive proportions, which might result in the world moving off of the US Dollar as the reserve currency, and the eventual destruction of the very sovereignty of The United States of America.

After spending $4 trillion on TARP, several various so-called “stimulus” plans that only stimulated more debt, and doing an end-around on Congress with “Quantitative Easing” Parts I and II ~ like we needed a sequel?! ~ to force unconstitutional taxation without representation upon The American People, I think we should start calling Barack Obama, The Spender In Chief.


God bless you, your family and friends, and God Bless America!

Let’s get to work!

God Bless America and As Always…

Stay Strong,

~ Michael Stollaire

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