Michael Stollaire ~ Biography

Michael Stollaire

Michael Stollaire

Michael Stollaire ~ Biography

Grew up on a chicken farm in upstate New York, where I gained my ethical and moral philosophy based on Christian beliefs and values

True American Patriot ~ I Live For My Country And Would Die For My Country!

Core Values: Courage, Excellence, Honesty and Integrity

Constitutional Conservative Political Platform and Background ~ Ran for US Congress in 2010 ~ Running for US Senate in California in 2012 Against Diane Feinstein

Serial Entrepreneur Specializing in the Technology Sector

Small Business Owner

Innovative Economic Forecaster and Visionary

Renaissance Man

Brutally Honest

  1. Robert C, Kammerdiener 2362 frazier st pensacola fla. 32514 says:

    well i like the moral ethics and it is good to see such good and well educated men are running for office senator
    we will be praying for your victory in 2012
    we need constitutional strong minded people in office and those who will stand for security against organizations like wiki-leaks i agree with you how we need to go after them.

    • Robert:

      First of all, may God bless you and your family this glorious Holiday Season ~ Merry Christmas to you and yours!

      You can only build great structures on a sound foundation, and certainly, I think that belief, faith, courage, excellence, honesty and integrity should be pre-requisites for America’s leadership.

      I need all the prayers I can get, as America does… and the future generations, as this time in our nation’s history is key to our future prosperity. My objective is simple: for us to stop the insanity in Washington, DC, and for it to be “Morning in America” again, sir.

      If we all work together over the next two years, and put Constitutionalists into office, we will take our country back. Use your votes as bullets in a peaceful revolution!

      God bless America and as always…

      Stay Strong,

      ~ Michael

  2. This page,is really impressive,and you have put a lot of dedication,into the cause,to save American,our freedom,and Constitution.but when Glenn Beck Staked his Reputation,that Obams,was not a MUSLIMi have a copy!This is a cause,i am willing to die for,No one will,give Mr.Berg,an interview,I have donated to him!And started talking,on the phone with him,on 6-2008!he,was the Deputy Attornary General,in Pennsylvania.Its like David verses Golith!www.obamacrimes.com.,and,www. philjberg.com.But he has gotten,on where,i should be there to help,him>His cell phone,is listed,on site,and he will talk to you,Michael,can you made history,by helping him?and you and Phil,can make History,and be powerful,then Beck,who Sold out!Yes,he is still a great source of knowledge,and is a character,but FOX news,is controlled,in Part,by the Muslims!Phil,is Not!What say you?

    • Most mainstream media outlets are not engaged in complete freedom of speech and of the press, I hate to say. Because they are corporate slaves for the most part, they cannot say and do what they would want, as any behavior that lies outside of what would be considered “approved” by their bosses would result in immediate termination, or a serious reprimand. We saw this first-hand with the NPR scandal earlier in the year. I do believe that people like Beck have more latitude in this area because of their star-power and the influx of revenues into Fox News ~ in this case… ~ that he is single-handedly responsible for. Personally, I do not focus in on singular issues, as whether or not President Obama is Muslim or not could result in a loss of time and resources, which might be dedicated to the overall cause that I am invested heavily in, which is the complete destruction of tyranny and oppression upon the American people, and returning maximum freedom and liberty to We The People. I believe that the mainstream media is attempting to overwhelm us with day-to-day “news items” which are the modern-day equivalent of a hypnotist’s spiral ~ straight out of George Orwell’s “1984” and Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged.” The focus should be on strength in numbers, and joining forces with organizations like United Against Tyranny and Break The Bonds of Tyranny that have teeth ~ unlike the Tea Party effort, for the most part… ~ which will remove the corrupt criminals in DC, and return America to a limited Constitutional government.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

      Stay Strong,

      ~ Michael

    • Lavonn says:

      At last! Somoene who understands! Thanks for posting!

  3. Dmitriy says:

    Mr. Stollaire,

    I am a webmaster for a police union website and I was wondering if we could use your american flag image as our background. If you have any question please email me (admin@pba186.org)

    Thank you in advance,

    Dmitriy Mazur

  4. Please forward us a complete Bio.

    Thank you.

  5. […] Michael Stollaire, Biography from michael-stollaire.com […]

  6. Kelly Karoly says:

    Dear Mr. Michael Stollaire:

    I am a member of Fallout Shelter (FS), a political action group, and its coalition partner NFOJA, National Forum On Judicial Accountability. Both FS and NFOJA are national grassroots organizations with approximately 2000 members to date and growing.

    FS and NFOJA members and supporters are particularly interested in your position on corporate person-hood, election integrity, big corporate campaign contributions, and appropriate judicial accountability.

    To help our California members get to know you better, please feel free to share your views of most interest to FS and NFOJA on our Facebook wall for Campaign Watch (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Campaign-Watch/146902298728133).

    We look forward to hearing from you and / or your staff. Thank you for your consideration.

    Kelly Karoly, Member
    Fallout Shelter and NFOJA

  7. James Warden says:

    Mr. Stollaire, I ran across the image of the American Flag, the Second Amendment and the revolver. I am an attorney in California that represents gun owners and I would like to use the image on my business cards. May I have your permission to do so?

    James Warden
    Attorney at Law

  8. Isaac Valenzuela says:

    Hello Mr. Stollaire,

    Wow, this is a great blog! I love to read from people who understand the power of liberty! That’s why it made me sick to my stomach when I learned that both Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer voted for the HUGELY unpatriotic NDAA. What is your stance on indefinite detention, and, if you don’t mind the question, who do you support in the current Republican Primary?

    • Thanks for your kind words, sir, as I do put a lot of hard work and effort into this blog, and I’m happy to hear it is appreciated.

      First and foremost, I support freedom and liberty for all American citizens, before any political party. The Founding Fathers hated the idea of political parties, and viewed them as a path to corruption and a necessary evil, as do I.

      Most of our California representatives represent special interests, unions, and those that “bribe” them via excessive contributions.

      Regarding indefinite detention, this is a direct attack on our Constitutional rights and must be resisted at all costs!

      I will support whomever wins the GOP nomination, but currently leaning toward Paul and Newt.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

      ~ Mike

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