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Death and Taxes

Posted: June 24, 2011 in Capitalism, Communications, Economy, Finance, Freedom, Media, Politics, Rants, Taxes, Tyranny
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The old saying goes “the only two certain things in life are death and taxes,” and the clowns in government make it a daily double. The estate tax represents government’s ultimate indignity. As they lower your cold dead body into the ground, the greedy clutching hand of government reaches into your pocket and extracts your wallet. They examine the contents with glee then tell your heirs to “keep the change.” Your heirs, the products of your loins, your emotional investments and the subjects of your love must handle the heart breaking tasks of putting your affairs in order while the gluttonous breath of government cascades all around them. The results of your lifetime of risk-taking and hard work are distributed among strangers…bureaucrats, the slothful and the needy. And it is not your desires that matter…Big Brother and Nanny State make the call and pass out the goodies. Your “estate” diminishes to the value of a rental plot in a backwoods Alabama trailer park. Those you left behind must scramble to “fire sale” your assets so that when the tax collector arrives, his sack can be filled with the plunder reaped from your lifetime of labor. That’s “fairness” in the lexicon of oppressive government.


Government represents the greatest of necro-carnivores. My advice to you is not to die. They are waiting for the moment of your untimely demise so that they can squander whatever they can coerce or squeeze from your grieving loved ones. Live forever and drive the bastards crazy. Much has been written about the “death panels” in the negligent health care legislation that was passed last year. If you have a sizable estate, you may hear these melodious tones from your local health care overseers: surgery…denied; medicine renewal…denied. If you are a person of means, you may have a permanent “DNR” tattooed on your forehead. Government’s insatiable appetite for your money will not be denied, and you will be admonished to go quietly for the good of society.


What is the purpose of the estate tax? In fact what is the purpose of any tax? This question should be asked and answered before any confiscation of your labor or property. So, what is the purpose of the estate tax? To punish the wealthy? To redistribute wealth from those “who won life’s lottery” to those who never played the game? To generate income for a specific purpose? To acquire easy money from those who are unable to resist? What is the ACTUAL purpose of the estate tax? Let’s take this query one step further. What are the moral and constitutional justifications for levying the estate tax? Personally, I’m not dead….yet, and the estate tax is no more obnoxious in my view than are hordes of other schemes the government employs to steal our wealth. I chose to write about this particular offensive maneuver because in most jurisdictions within the United States, molesting a corpse is a crime. Much of the tax code that has been adopted in our nation during the past century reeks of criminality. It seems as if the tax code were designed to punish the producers and reward looters. Clearly Ayn Rand witnessed the early abominations in the system and anticipated the later ones.


In a system that honors freedom and protects liberty the tax code should exist solely to raise the necessary revenue for basic constitutional functions. The present system is a convoluted maze for social engineering. Layer after layer of penalties, surtaxes and progressive rate increases are countered by exemptions, subsidies and deductions. The mountainous collection of tax rules, laws and regulations is an unconscionable assault on individual liberty and property and is generally indecipherable and oppressive. Tax law defines the limits of government force that can be used against the citizens. In our present code there appear to be no limits. Every breathing resident is at some level of risk, and even death is no escape from the ravages of the tax collector. RIP.


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Dianne Feinstein’s Popularity Plummets in California

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Capitalism, Communications, Constitution, Dianne Feinstein, Economy, Freedom, Media, Oppression, Politics, Rants, Tyranny
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In 2008, when Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-San Francisco) was considering a bid for state governor, polls showed she would have swept the race. But like the economy, politics is cyclical. It seems Californians are changing their tune when it comes to DiFi, the political icon who has remained seemingly unbeatable over the years.

According to the latest Field Poll, her support has plummeted by double digits, with only 43 percent of registered voters  saying they support her. That’s a slight 4 percent edge over those who don’t. This is the first time that the number of voters who don’t like Feinstein nearly match those who support her.

The Chron reports that even pollsters are flummoxed by the remarkable reversal.

“With Feinstein, we’ve never seen these kinds of numbers before, where it’s so close,” pollster Mark DiCamillo tells the Chronicle.

True, Democrats are having a hard time overcoming the economic shitstorm that swept America in 2007 — the year before President Obama was elected. The housing market remains bleak and the state’s unemployment rate remains the second highest in the nation at 11.7 percent.

Still, it’s hard to believe that would shake Feinstein’s popularity, which has been so solidly locked in this largely Democratic state that not a single Republican has come forward to challenge her as she prepares to campaign for a fourth term.

Of course, the growing Tea Party movement isn’t helping deep-rooted Dems like Feinstein. According to the poll. nearly 70 percent of registered Republicans said they would not vote for Feinstein, who turns 78 tomorrow. Nearly one-third of those said they believe she is too pro-government.

On the bright side, she’s faring better among voters than Obama.

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SOURCE: San Francisco Weekly

Press One?!

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Capitalism, Communications, Constitution, Freedom, Media, Oppression, Politics, Rants, Tyranny
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Do you ever get frustrated when you are negotiating one of those automated phone systems and the first command is “Press 1 for English?” Our nation has been truly blessed by the people who love liberty who have come to our shores seeking a better life. They have come here from every corner of the globe and represent many cultures, customs, faiths, languages and dialects. They all share a thirst for freedom and the desire to work diligently to achieve prosperity. We welcome them because their passion for America and their various backgrounds add texture and nuance to our nation.

When the eager immigrants enter the United States they typically gravitate to locales where they can find clusters of people from their former countries or regions. These enclaves occasionally develop into subsets or colorful neighborhoods within some major cities. The old world cultures, foods and pageantry are continued but with a distinctly American hue. Outside the neighborhood however, most of the newcomers assimilate … become part of their new land. Each generation becomes more homogenized as many of the old traditions and routines are left behind. This has been the saga of people who have come to our land until recently. The entitlement mentality of the leftist statists has corrupted a rich, rich history of immigrants becoming fully American while retaining much of what they left behind. The statists encourage the Balkanization of our nation by promoting that new arrivals be granted total equality in service in their old languages. If you recall, the world united to challenge God by building the Tower of Babel. He divided them into many groups by scrambling their languages and making it impossible for them to understand one another. So, if we desire to fracture our nation more severely than it is today, the promotion of native languages in everyday discourse will do it. Our country will become a cacophony of words, insults and demands, and we will not comprehend what one another really means.

Unity of purpose, unity under the law and unity of language will cement us together. If certain segments of our population obstinately cling to the old ways and the old language, assimilation will not happen, suspicion and distrust will flourish. There is a measure of respect that those who seek to maintain their roots have earned, but if they refuse to integrate into the language and mainstream of their new nation, they have forfeited the privileges that are available for the remainder of the population. The resident established citizenry should not be forced by government to yield to the tyranny of a new minority. Either join us or leave us. Enjoy your history in your home, but conform to the traditional marketplace when on the streets. Spanish is the chosen language of the politically correct diversity crowd. They claim to want to open the doors of opportunity for Spanish speaking immigrants and/or citizens, but are driving wedges among many of our people and communities. It’s a bogus benefit because it continues to isolate those who do not learn English and assimilate. What about the multitude of Cubans, who came to our shores, retained many aspects of their culture, learned English and thrived? Why shouldn’t the newer entrants be encouraged to follow a similar path?

Liberals, progressives and statists are dividers…not unifiers. They define the nation’s landscape in “either/or” terms: rich or poor, black or white, producer or looter, Spanish or English. With them it’s always a struggle against some mythical oppressor as they expand the power of the true oppressor…the government. The statists seek to divide the country into isolated islands of discontent, and they and their monstrous government will deliver the prescriptions for the disaffected. The insistence (now written into law) that Spanish be an equal player as a language for national discourse is an example of their divisive tactics. Hungarian, Chinese, French, Norwegian, German and Vietnamese have all been overlooked as semi-official co-languages. This oversight should suggest to reasonable people that the choice of Spanish versus all the other choices available is a political one…not an earnest attempt to enhance communication. Unity for a nation during stressful times is necessary. Unanimity is rare, but if unity prevails, the people have a better chance to overcome the difficulty. Unity is made more difficult to achieve when the law and the political class engage in divisive behavior. “Press 1” if you want to stop this folly of statist control, or “Press 2” to fold the tent and begin anew.

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Liberty’s Laggards

Posted: June 20, 2011 in Americana, Capitalism, Communications, Constitution, Economy, Faith, Finance, Freedom, Media, Oppression, Politics, Quotations, Rants, Security, Tyranny
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A recent article in “MailOnline” the internet version of the Daily Mail from the United Kingdom provided an individual freedom analysis for the 50 states of the United States. There’s some irony in the fact that a British paper sought to examine liberty in the former colonies. Clearly when describing liberty within states there are subjective parameters at work. The 50 “laboratories for democracy” have considerable leeway in determining how their states will be organized and function. The three largest areas of limitation for them within the federal Constitution are the mandated federal obligations as given in the enumerated powers, the prohibitions for curtailing inalienable rights, and the states must be democratic republics. If the fifty states take their freedoms seriously, there are multiple opportunities to experiment with laws and rulemaking to generate environments for prosperity and liberty.


Alas, too many of our formerly-sovereign states have followed the lead of Big Brother by implementing restrictive regulatory structures and punitive tax policies. Where they might have flourished as laboratories of freedom and opportunity, they, instead, overregulated, overtaxed and overwhelmed their citizens with obstacles and constraints. The “MailOnline” piece by Mark Duell lists New York and California as the worst offenders in the limitation of individual freedom. These are two of the largest states in the union…rich in resources, talent and population. It defies logic for states so richly endowed to squander their natural wealth for the false dream of centralized government. Another state that Duell has categorized as “less free” is my own native Ohio. As a candidate for statewide office in 2010, I drove across the entire state. It was clear to me how statism impacts the economic environment of the state. Certainly there were pockets of prosperity, but most of my beloved Buckeye state was staggered by the loss of industry…and the tangential businesses, suppliers and service companies that thrive when the industries are doing well.


The federal government and the state regulatory apparatus combined to construct high hurdles and elongated approval processes for plants to upgrade. In addition the labor union situation in Ohio has strangled attempts to innovate and create a competitive cost profile. Big government, lousy business opportunities and excessive union power are a troika for job killing. A corollary indicator of the relative freedom of the respective states is the apportionment of congressional seats following the census. One of the freer states, Texas, picks up 4 additional congress critters while New York and Ohio each lose two seats…and the corresponding national influence. Florida with its friendly atmosphere for freedom will gain 2 seats while Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania will have one fewer congressperson in 2012. Missouri also loses one seat as does Louisiana…probably an after effect of Katrina. Indeed, there is a very high correlation between a state’s level of freedom and its growth and prosperity. You might ask why California is not on the “loser list” if it is rated as “less free.” The census counts people not citizens, and the continuing migration of non-citizens to California has kept the population large enough to offset the out migration of business, jobs and citizens.


Freedom and prosperity are linked. Where the people have the freedom to function without an oppressive regulatory environment or restrictive workplace rules, they will capitalize and maximize their opportunity. Lower taxes will encourage businesses to reinvest in growth and technology. Lower taxes and spending by state governments will encourage commerce and industry. Sadly, states, cities or any other government entity cannot resist the urge to grow and control. Only one of the original thirteen states was considered to be relatively free by Duell’s analysis: New Hampshire, the state with the stirring “Live Free or Die” motto. The other two top-ranked states were South Dakota and Indiana.


As a former researcher, I am aware that correlation does NOT confirm causality. Common sense suggests, however, that states that are growing may be doing so because of lower taxes, fewer union complications and sensible regulatory environments. Those liberty-lagging laboratories of democracy who have selected more government, more regulation and higher taxes as their modus operandi are faltering … staggering. As their businesses close or move, their tax bases dwindle and their social network costs increase. It’s a downward spiral that can be corrected by choosing liberty. Some experiments fail and others succeed. The intelligent observer can discern the difference and respond accordingly. Liberty, freedom always wins. Tyranny is a loser.


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Needing Wants

If only I could remember where I first heard the phrase “we are a country of wants…who believes they are needs.” Yep. It is the entitlement mentality. That phrase represents the new movement for “rights” that are neither inalienable nor practical. How often have we heard a self-important politician or a “rights” advocate proclaim their rights to healthcare? Well, my poor misguided fellow humans, you have an inalienable right to life (which many deny to the unborn), its up to you to find a way to succor it. God has provided you with life. Do what you can to preserve it. All of us share the same inalienable rights, but we may have varying methods or preferences for preserving or enhancing our lives. One such method may be found by seeking the best most high-fallutin’ healthcare regime available. Others may prefer to follow more natural, herbal methods. And some of us may wish to roll the dice and live a totally debauched and gluttonous life. It seems, therefore, that YOUR healthcare is neither a right for you nor an obligation of mine.

As we attempt to draw the distinctions between wants and needs, rights and needs, we might use the following illustration: Harley avoids doctors and pharmacy counters whereas Farley goes to ER for a hangnail and takes a number of meds. Should Harley be forced to subsidize Farley’s medical addiction through punitive taxation, and should Farley cough up the money to pay for Harley’s natural multi-vitamins? If you have answered in the affirmative, then it isn’t much of a leap to insist that we should purchase Farley’s food for him because his vitamins supplement an extremely healthy diet. Because we agree to by Farley’s food in the previous illustration, we are socially, morally and equitably obligated to purchase the food for Harley. He prefers Big Macs, Big Boys, super-sized fries, and Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen. Food is food, after all.

The moral, economic and personal bottom line is that we NEED food. We NEED shelter of some sort during inclement weather, and most of us NEED clothing in certain types of climates. The Bible states  (paraphrase) that if we expect to eat, then we must work for our sustenance. Working will also produce resources for limited shelter and clothing. If there is no moral or theological basis for a collective effort for providing the basic needs, where can we find a universal imperative for meeting the wants of individuals…as varied as they might be? Any decision for provision by the state or the collective requires that some value be given to the item. Generic or brand? Cloth coat or fur coat? Prius or 10-year old Chevy? It is unavoidable that some wants (or perceived needs) will be satisfied while others remain unmet. Given the individual preferences and perceived needs, it follows that the distribution of the collective largesse will be uneven and biased. Besides, government will grossly underperform anyway.

As each person transforms personal “wants” into “needs” or “rights,” the social order moves closer to a breakdown. The new-found needs begin to ratchet higher and higher as the government redefines its role, and the level of satisfaction for the recipients sinks lower and lower. The end result is a government and economic structure incapable of providing the newly-defined “needs” while the frustration level of the populace swells because of their dissatisfaction. Redefining wants as needs leads to a disintegration of the economy and the social order. Everyone—government and individuals—live beyond their means….spend beyond their abilities to produce. Wants are unfulfilled, and needs are shortchanged. The benevolent Nanny State slips into chaos. The government yields to anarchy. The competent and resourceful will satisfy their own needs while their neighbors resort to violence or endure suffering. Expecting government to supply our wants leads us down a deadly to destruction. It is unfortunate that so many of our citizens have misinterpreted the “pursuit of happiness” clause to mean that they chase after government goodies while other taxpayers pay the bill.

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Transferring Wealth

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Transferring Wealth

The lefties of our nation and the globe as well, insist that “fairness” can only be achieved by transferring wealth from the “haves” to the “have-nots.” As one can expect from most socialist reasoning (an oxymoron…emphasis on MORON), the holes in their policy are massive. Bernie Madoff sits in a jail cell as police, prosecutors, and plaintiff’s attorneys confiscate every remnant of his former ill-gained fortune. Now he appears to be broke. Should someone be required to share their wealth with the former prince of ponzi? I suspect that when we speak of transferring wealth from the “richer” to the “poorer,” we are in reality discussing transferring earned wealth from producers to socialist-voting looters. A person’s “right” to the wealth of others is determined by her or his likelihood of voting a certain way.


Transferring wealth is more complex than merely dropping a dollar into the bucket of a curbside beggar. The various governments, non-government agencies (NGA’s), non-profits, churches and other elements of the society employ a number of coercive devices to generate wealth-sharing. First, there is the direct tax, direct payment method. Welfare, Social security, Medicaid and Food Stamps are the most brazen examples. Some transfers are more indirect. They might include tax credits for munchkins (children), subsidies for behaviors (education) and massive industry and corporate subsidies or tax breaks. Straight forward foreign aid is direct. Sweet trade deals for preferred countries are an indirect form of the share the wealth mentality.


The transfer of wealth may also involve some subtlety (or sneakiness, if you prefer). Laws that include certain prohibitions may create a competitive advantage for one or another industry or company. For example, when I served in the legislature, there was a representative who introduced an absolutely devastating axle tax for the trucking industry. And….he introduced a similar bill every session…year after year. As I fielded the calls from truckers in my district and notes from lobbyists representing independent truckers, I sought to discover why he would introduce such a job-killing piece of   legislation. My older colleagues informed me that the offending representative was “in the pocket” of the railroads. No one took his legislation seriously, and it would not go anywhere, but just like biennial elections, he introduced it every session to earn his campaign check. When those pieces of legislation are taken seriously and passed, then a law-induced transfer of wealth is the result. Wait, there’s more.


Nearly every regulatory initiative passed by nearly every legislative body or agency impacts some industries more than others…a subtle transfer of wealth. Within given industries some companies may be more adversely affected than their competitors by new rules because of their size, location or any number of intervening factors….in essence a transfer of wealth because compliance costs are not fairly assessed. The great dream of the socialist agenda, ObamaCare, is the epitome of a wealth transfer mechanism at every level. The more than one thousand, one hundred (1,100) waivers granted so far to corporations and labor unions with the “correct” political leanings is the epitome of an indirect and sometimes subtle transfer of wealth. As you can detect, wealth transfers involve much more than simply “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” They also include subsidizing Paul and giving him tax breaks. They may involve regulating Peter at a much greater level than Paul so that Paul gains a competitive advantage. Think of coal, oil and natural gas rules and regulations versus the subsidy packages for wind power, solar systems, and bio-fuels. And yet…the “green” technologies are not competitive on the open energy market.


Licensing and registrations are another form of wealth transfer that operates outside the public view. In my early days as a broadcaster, there were no licensing fees for stations to operate once they had paid the initial start-up licensing amounts. Now stations must pay annual fees based upon their transmitter power, their markets and their gross revenues. In other words the more successful stations must pay a penalty for their efforts while the ones that are not so successful get by with lower fees. Stations that have made the effort to attract topnotch on-air talent and hire competent sales people must subsidize the regulatory administrative costs for less popular stations.


Transferring wealth by force is how the government functions. Government by its very nature is the definition of force. In a world where liberty reigns, wealth would be transferred unfettered by government coercion. A series of voluntary transactions wherein quality, productivity and service would thrive is the model for free commerce. While government stacks the deck and enforces its preferences, wealth is transferred….and we’re all much poorer and less free.


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by Mark A. Falzon

2010-2011 has been witness to many developments in this nations’ struggle to maintain her freedom against the unconstitutional forces and policies of Barack Obama. The Tea Party Movement, Conservative groups and the so-called “alternate media” such as talk radio, Beck, etc have been struggling to turn back the tide of government largesse and anti-constitutional conditions. As one would expect, the DNC, the mainstream media, the EPA, Soros and his bankrolled legions, the Justice Department, the Journo-list as well as a host of corporate cronies are the brigades in Obama’s confrontation with the Tea Party Movement. Well, a new brigade has been added to the Obama forces these past 2 months, it is the NJ GOP.

The same NJ GOP who wants us to believe they hold conservative principles dear to them has unleashed a nasty, deceptive campaign to thwart the New Jersey Tea Party Movement. Two main figures have emerged as the face to freedom and liberty’s fifth column brigade, Messrs Rob Eichmann and Bill Winkler. These gents have been part of the NJ GOP for decades. When not seeking or holding GOP offices, or holding appointed NJ government positions they have worked and continue to work behind the scenes for dozens of NJ GOP state legislators over the years either in their election campaigns or assisting and being part of NJ GOP elected Senate and Assembly staffs’.

This nefarious campaign went into high gear April, 2011. A group of Tea Party Citizen activists conducted a Tea Party/Citizens convention 4/16, . One of our original premises for the event was no elected politicians and office holders be given either publicity or an opportunity to speak to the gathering. Like you, we have heard it all before. Messrs Eichmann and Winkler quietly petitioned this group to allow a sitting GOP state senator, a conservative, to speak to the gathering. After openly discussing the request, it was decided by our group to politely decline the offer and to stay with our initial premise.

The NJ GOP under the stewardship of Rob Eichmann and Bill Winkler then went into attack mode. Turning the old axiom “If you can’t beat them, join them” and the opposition to Obama’s policies upside down , they follow a policy of “If you can’t join them, beat them”. Using the blog daily columns began appearing smearing the 4/16 convention. The Tea Party Movement on a whole and citizen activists involved with organizing/running the convention were publicly named and insulted. Specific Tea Party groups, various Tea Party leader activists and a former NJ legislator assisting our Movement all were tarred and feathered in an almost daily barrage of propaganda and spin.

Under the pseudo banner of furthering the New Jersey Conservative cause, Eichmann and Winkler were a tag team combo taking turns producing their salacious articles. The New Jersey Tea Party Movement was and is now under attack, not by SEIU or the DNC but by NJ GOP operatives. Hit piece articles continue to be generated. When sitting NJ legislators were politely and quietly approached for assistance in muzzling the initiators of this nasty campaign, they refused. The legislators either feigned ignorance or tried to conceal their connections to Eichmann and Winkler. Several so called GOP conservative sitting legislators continue relationships with this sad sack duo to this day.

I have issued an open challenge (reiterated June 10) to debate the New Jersey Tea Party Movement and the so called concerns of these conservatives related to it, but my numerous requests are being ignored. I assume it is much safer to sit back and generate public hit pieces rather than openly debate concerns and supposed differences in a public venue.

Theoretically, the weak, those with a hidden agenda or the dishonest certainly do not want public debate with those confronting them.

The above admonitions, statements and claims are publicly documented on the conservative blog , in the public record and in widely circulated e-mails. The million dollar question is why? Why would New Jersey Conservatives and the GOP, who hold legislative minorities in both statehouses viciously turn on a genuine, citizens activist movement under the Tea Party banner? Both factions have alarmingly similar goals and aspirations. Both see the Obama administration and by extension, the Democratic party line being adhered to in New Jersey, as opponents of liberty and freedom. Yet, the campaign against the Tea Party Movement in New Jersey by GOP henchmen continues unabated. Let it be known here today, the Tea Party Movement will not cower to leftist radicals in the federal branch, in congress, in our state legislature and certainly will not be deterred by so called GOP allies.

FULL DISCLOSURE:I am a Tea Party Democrat and the elected Vice President of one of the older NJ Tea Party groups. I am also the State Of New Jersey Coordinator for one of the largest National Tea Party Groups. Unlike our GOP critics I try to keep my eye on the ball, I realize whom the enemies of liberty and freedom are, the current Democratic Party Apparachik. Our approach is twofold: Assault the radical leftist on their home ground and not grant safe haven to them anywhere, not even in the Democratic party and second, rally the largest ignored and overlooked voting block in this country, moderate/conservative Democrats. The Establishment’s future is gloomy for it is not just the GOP, but now the Democrats will have to start dealing with Tea Party factions in their own ranks.

(first of a series)